The Best MBE Study Books

If you’re a recent or prospective law school graduate, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the MBE. No, we’re not talking about a Member of the British Empire–we’re talking about the Multistate Bar Examination, a single component of the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE).

The UBE’s purpose is to test aspiring lawyers’ general legal knowledge and skills that are required for practicing law in every state. Upon passage of the exam, you can submit your score for bar admission in other UBE jurisdictions.

Naturally, you’ll have to study hard to ace every section of UBE, especially the MBE. Today we’re bringing you our top picks for MBE study supplements so that you can be prepped to the max come exam day.

The Ultimate Guide to the MBE

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, bare-bones approach to studying for the MBE, look no further than this book. It covers the core concepts of the exam in detail and offers strategies on how to analyze these questions and manage time constraints.

It also comes with a comprehensive diagnostic test to help you see which areas in particular you need to tackle, as well as an array of mixed practice questions that will help you get a feel for the pace and content of the real MBE.

It’s best as an intro, though; after reading it you should continue to study the areas of the test that you think you might struggle with.

Strategies and Tactics for the MBE

This is one of the most comprehensive MBE study books on the market, as it encompasses information from all areas on the exam, including contracts, constitutional law, civil procedure, criminal law and procedure, real property with future interests, evidence, and torts.

Author Steven Emanuel is no law novice, either. Having passed both the California and New York State bar exams (two of the most popular and notoriously difficult bar exams in the country) and with an additional background in MBE tutoring, he knows a thing or two about what it takes to pass the MBE.

In the seventh edition of this study guide, you’ll find step-by-step strategies for analyzing different types of questions, detailed answers to questions on past, real MBE exams, and a 200-question mock MBE exam, complete with questions similar to those you’ll find on the real thing.

Sterling Bar Exam Review MBE Essentials: Governing Law Outlines

Like the previous book, the Sterling Bar Exam Review MBE Essentials study guide hammers on the specifics of substantive law, which largely comprises the questions found on the MBE. Also similar to Strategies and Tactics for the MBE, you’ll cover the basics of constitutional law, criminal law, contract law, property law, tort law, federal jurisdiction, and evidence.

However, this book more so focuses on which questions predict the success or failure of its test-takers, analyzing them in detail and identifying strategies for breaking them down and correctly answering them in the context of substantive law.

In short, this book prepares test takers with the idea that knowing the principles of substantive law will help them correctly and accurately answer the exam questions.

Bar Exam Mind: A Strategy Guide for an Anxiety-Free Bar Exam

Let’s face it: studying for the bar exam is stressful. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to invest in some peace of mind as you prepare for the big day. The Bar Exam Mind is a book that can help you do just that, offering strategies to help you get into the mindset needed to ace the exam.

Not only does this book offer test-taking tips and the like, but you’ll also read up on different foods that’ll boost brain performance and visualization techniques that can help alleviate fears specific to taking the MBE. It even includes a 21-day learning program designed to help you implement these ideas and techniques into your study routine. You can always choose to incorporate them at your own pace, though.

Some might write it off, but what’s there to lose from trying to calm your mind down before an exam as potentially life-changing as the MBE?

How to Write Bar Exam Essays

Here’s another valuable MBE prep book by Matt Racine, this time geared towards writing a stellar bar exam essay. The majority of MBE test-takers find the essay section to be the most challenging one, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to bone up on your legal terminology and writing skills.

This book focuses on whittling your writing down to the clear, concise voice that’s required in the legal industry. In it, you’ll explore in detail the “four pillars of bar exam essay writing”: technical requirements, issue spotting, analysis, and outlining and formatting. The book discusses practice strategies for each pillar, and offers practice essay questions for each so that you can put your skills to use before exam day.

Be Prepared

Test-taking is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with the right resources. When it comes to taking an exam as important as the UBE, you want to do everything in your power to adequately prepare. Hopefully, the books we’ve listed here will be able to help you reach your goal of acing the UBE and becoming a licensed lawyer.