Arizona Bar Exam Information

In order to practice law in the State of Arizona, a lawyer must be a member of the Arizona State Bar Association. With over 18,000 active attorneys in the state. According to its mission statement, the Arizona Bar Association exists to protect the public with respect to access to legal services. As part of fulfilling this mission, the association requires all persons wishing to become members submit to a background check as well as pass the Universal Bar Exam.

Exam Dates:Feb 21-22 & Jul 25-26, 2023
Exam Type:2-day Universal Bar Exam
Location:Phoenix Convention Center
Application Fee:$580
On-Motion Application Fee:$,1800
Filing Deadline:Oct 31, 2022
Late Filing Deadline:Nov 30, 2022
Late Fee:$100

When is the 2023 Arizona Bar Exam?

The next Arizona Bar Exam will be held on July 21st and 22nd. It is a two-day Universal Bar Exam (UBE). Applicants should regularly check the Arizona Judicial Branch webpage in order to receive scheduling updates.

Arizona has adopted the Universal Bar Exam (UBE) created by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Over the course of the two-day test, applicants are subject to a 200-question multiple-choice exam, six essay questions, and two performance test questions.

Where is the Arizona Bar Exam located?

The Arizona State Bar Exam is conducted at the Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The Convention center is easily accessible by public transit from the airport, and is located next to many parking garages.

How much does the Arizona Bar Exam cost?

It costs $580 to apply to sit for the Arizona Bar Exam. There is an additional $100 late fee for registration after the January 15th filing deadline. Applicants must also pay $300 in order to receive the required character report. There is a $160 administrative fee for admission once you have passed the exam. Applicants filing for Admission on Motion must pay a total of $1,800, which includes the cost of the character report.

What subjects are tested on the Arizona Bar Exam?

Subjects included on the Universal Bar Exam include but are not limited to constitutional law and evidence, conflict of laws, business associations, contract law, trusts and estates, family law, civil procedure, torts, criminal law, criminal procedure, and real property.

What is the format of the Arizona Bar Exam?

The Arizona Bar Association has fully adopted the Universal Bar Exam (UBE) format, which consists of the practical Multistate Performance Test (MPT), the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE), and the multiple choice Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

What is the minimum MPRE score needed to take the Arizona Bar Exam?

In order to be admitted to the Arizona Bar Association, applicants must earn a scaled score of 85 or higher on the MPRE.

How is the Arizona Bar Exam graded?

The score on the Arizona Bar Exam is determined by a combination of the three exam sections. The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) accounts for half of the overall score, while the performance test and the essay test make up 20% and 30% respectively.

When are the Arizona Bar scores released?

Scores for the July round of the Arizona Bar Exam will be available approximately ten weeks after the exam dates. Scores will be posted to the Arizona Supreme Court website.

Can I transfer my UBE scores from another jurisdiction?

Applicants with a combined total of 273 or greater on a Universal Bar Exam taken in another state may transfer their scores to the State of Arizona.

What is the Arizona Reciprocity Agreement like?

Lawyers who have actively practiced law for three of the last five years in a jurisdiction that has a reciprocity agreement with Arizona. The list of eligible states can be found here.

How can I contact the Arizona State Bar?

The Arizona State Bar association can be contacted by phone at 602-452- 3300. They can be reached by mail using the following address:

Arizona Supreme Court
1501 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

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