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The Colorado State Bar Association was founded in 1897 and has a membership of over 18,000 attorneys in good standing. It is a voluntary bar association and admission to the bar is not required to practice law, but nearly 75% of lawyers active in Colorado are active members. The association is led by a 21-member board and publishes a monthly journal called the Colorado Lawyer. In order to be admitted to the Colorado Bar association, applicants must achieve a passing score on the two-day Universal Bar Exam. This exam is offered twice a year.

Exam Dates:Feb 21-22, 2023 & July 25-26 2023
Exam Type:2-day Universal Bar Exam
Location:Denver Metro Area
Application Fee:$710
On-Motion Application Fee:$1,800
Filing Deadline:Nov 1st, 2022
Late Filing Deadline:Dec 1st, 2022
Late Fee:$200

When is the 2023 Colorado BAR Exam?

The Colorado State Bar Exam is scheduled for Feb 21th and 22th, 2023. Applications must be electronically filed using the CiviCore Application Management System provided by the Colorado Supreme Court. Applications received after November 1st, 2022 will be subject to an additional $200 filing fee.

The exam is administered in four sessions over the course of the two days. Attendance during all four sessions is required. There is a break for lunch on both days. Up-to-date scheduling information can be found on the Colorado Supreme Court webpage.

Where is the Colorado Bar Exam Located?

The Colorado Bar Exam is administered in the Denver Metro Area. The exact location of the exam will be provided once you are cleared to sit for the exam.

How much does the Colorado BAR Exam cost?

The fee to sit for the Colorado Bar Exam is $710. There is an additional $200 late fee for applications received by November 1st. Applicants wishing to transfer a recent UBE score must pay $810. Out-of-state Attorneys who have actively practiced law in 5 of the past 7 years can apply for On Motion admission with an $1800 application fee. All fees are non-refundable.

What subjects are tested on the Colorado Bar Exam?

Subjects tested on the multiple-choice multistate bar exam include constitutional law, contracts, criminal law procedure, evidence, federal civil procedure, real property, and torts. Additional possible subjects in the essay portion of the exam include business associations, family law, trusts, and estates.

What is the format of the Colorado BAR Exam?

The Colorado Bar Exam is a Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) administered over two days. The Colorado Bar Association has decided to fully implement the Multistate Uniform Bar Examination created by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. There are three segments of the test including a multiple-choice exam, an essay section, and two 90-minute performance test questions.

What is the minimum MPRE score needed to take the Colorado BAR exam?

Applicants must have received a scaled score of 85 or greater on the MPRE in order to sit for the bar exam. The date when the MPRE was taken must be within two years of the application.

How is the Colorado BAR Exam Graded?

In order to pass, an applicant must score at least 276 of a possible 400 points. Half of the score is determined by the multiple-choice test. The performance test counts for 20% of the total and the essay portion accounts for the remaining 30% of the score.

When are the Colorado BAR scores released?

Results for the July 2023 Colorado Bar Exam will be released by the end of September 2023.

Can I transfer my MBE scores from another jurisdiction?

Recent MBE scores may be transferred to the Colorado Bar Exam. The fee for applicants wishing to do this is $810.

What is the Colorado Reciprocity Agreement like?

Practicing attorneys from out of state may apply for On Motion admission to the Colorado Bar Association provided they have received a JD from an ABA-accredited law school and have practiced law in another US state or territory for 5 of the last 7 years. The fee for applying for On Motion admission to the Colorado bar is $1800.

How can I contact the Colorado State BAR?

The Colorado State Bar Exam is conducted by the Colorado Supreme Court Board of Law Examiners. They can be contacted by email at or by telephone at (303) 928-7770.

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