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Offered twice a year, the Indiana Bar Exam is a requirement for recent law school graduates who are planning to practice law in the state of Indiana. Indiana has adopted the Uniform Bar Exam as of July 2021. The two-day exam follows the UBE format and includes essays and multiple-choice questions. The exam is comprised of three components: a Multistate Performance Test (MPT), a Multistate Essay Exam (MEE), and a Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

Exam Dates:Feb 21-22, 2023 & July 25-26 2023
Exam Type:Two-day Uniform Bar Examination
Location:Multiple Locations in Indianapolis, IN
Application Fee:$250
On-Motion Application Fee:$875
Filing Deadline:Nov 15, 2022
Late Filing Deadline:Nov 30, 2022
Late Fee:$250

When is the 2023 Indiana Bar Exam?

The final Indiana Bar Exam of 2023 is scheduled to take place during the final week of July. We recommend that applicants or anyone else who requires up-to-the-minute scheduling information view the Indiana State Bar Association website.

The State of Indiana has adopted 2/3rds of the Multistate Universal Bar Exam (UBE). Applicants will be tested using the multiple-choice exam and the practical performance trust questions from the UBE and a section of essay questions with a focus on Indiana law.

Where is the Indiana Bar Exam located?

The Indiana Bar Exam takes place in various locations in Indianapolis. Applicants will receive the address of their testing location after completing the online registration form.

How much does the Indiana Bar Exam cost?

The fee for applicants taking the Indiana Bar Exam is $250. The deadline for applications for the July exam dates is Nov 15, 2022. There is a brief window afterward where applications will still be accepted with a $250 late fee included. Out-of-state attorneys applying to be admitted without taking the examination are required to pay a fee of $875.

What subjects are tested on the Indiana Bar Exam?

Subjects tested on the multiple-choice multistate bar exam include constitutional law, contracts, criminal law procedure, evidence, federal civil procedure, real property, and torts. Additional possible subjects in the essay portion of the exam include business associations, family law, trusts, and estates.

What is the format of the Indiana Bar Exam?

The Indiana Bar Exam is a combination of the standardized multistate bar exam created by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. There is also a full-day essay exam that is authored by the Indiana State Board of Bar Examiners.

What is the minimum MPRE score needed to take the Indiana Bar Exam?

The MPRE is not required to be taken prior to the Indiana Bar Exam, but a scaled score of 80 or greater must be achieved within the two years preceding or following the exam date in order to be admitted to the Indiana Bar.

How is the Indiana Bar Exam graded?

Administered over the course of two days, the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and Multistate Performance Test (MPT) account for 70% of the total score. The Indiana essay examination is completed during the first afternoon and fills in the remaining 30%.

When are the Indiana Bar scores released?

The scores for the Indiana Bar Exam are typically released between 8-10 weeks after the exam date.

Can I transfer my MBE scores from another jurisdiction?

Indiana does not allow applicants to transfer MBE scores from past examinations. In rare circumstances, applicants are allowed to take the MBE in a different jurisdiction during day one of the exam, and then relocate to Indiana to take the essay portion of the test on the following day.

What is the Indiana Reciprocity Agreement like?

Called “Admission on Foreign License,” Indiana allows attorneys who have actively practiced law in other states or territories to petition to be allowed admittance without examination. In addition to a registration fee of $875, there is a required interview and character and fitness questionnaire required for consideration.

How can I contact the Indiana State Bar?

The Indiana State Bar can be contacted by phone at (317) 639-5465. They can also be reached by email at and via mail addressed to:
Indiana State Bar Association
One Indiana Square
Suite 530
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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