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In the state of Minnesota, attorneys must be licensed by the State Board of Law Examiners in order to practice law. The most common path to becoming licensed to practice in Minnesota is through passing the entrance exam. Administered twice per year, the Minnesota Bar is a two-day Universal Bar Exam. Minnesota also allows applicants to transfer scores from exams taken in other states and allows admission without examination to qualified out-of-state attorneys actively practicing law.

Exam Dates:Feb 21-22, 2023 & July 25-26 2023
Exam Type:2-day UBE Exam
Location:Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn Center, MN.
Application Fee:$600
On-Motion Application Fee:$1,150
Filing Deadline:October 15th, 2022
Late Filing Deadline:December 3rd, 2022
Late Fee:$200

When is the 2023 Minnesota Bar Exam?

The first Minnesota Bar Examination of 2023 is scheduled for the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February. Applicants are encouraged to keep watching the Minnesota State Board of Law Examiners webpage for current scheduling information

The exam consists of two full-day sessions and includes all three sections of the Universal Bar Exam (UBE). Developed and coordinated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the UBE consists of the Multistate Bar Examination (MBT), Multistate Essay Exam (MEE), and Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions.

Where is the Minnesota Bar Exam located?

The 2023 Minnesota Bar Exam will be held at the Earle Brown Heritage Center, 6155 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430—just north of Minneapolis. There is free parking provided at the facility.

How much does the Minnesota Bar Exam cost?

The fee for a law school graduate taking the Minnesota Bar Exam for the first time is $600. There is a $200 late fee for applications received after the initial filing deadline of October 15th. There is also a $100 fee for applicants who wish to take the exam using a laptop computer.

What subjects are tested on the Minnesota Bar Exam?

Some of the subjects tested over the course of the Universal Bar Exam include real property, criminal law, family law, torts, criminal procedure, trusts and estates, constitutional law and evidence, conflict of laws, contract law, business associations, and civil procedure.

What is the format of the Minnesota Bar Exam?

The largest segment of the Minnesota Bar Exam is the 200 question multiple-choice MBE. The MEE consists of a series of questions requiring applicants to respond in essay form. Finally, The Multistate Performance Test evaluates the fundamental legal skills of persons taking the exam.

What is the minimum MPRE score needed to take the Minnesota Bar Exam?

The state of Minnesota requires a score of 85 or higher on the Multistate Professional Readiness Exam (MPRE) in order to be admitted to the state bar.

How is the Minnesota Bar Exam graded?

Each of the three components of the Minnesota Bar Exam carries a different weight toward the final grade of an applicant. The MBE makes up 50% of the final grade while the MEE and MPT account for 30% and 20% respectively.

When are the Minnesota Bar scores released?

Results for the July Minnesota Bar Exam will be released in May, 2022 on the Bar Results page of their website.

Can I transfer my MBE scores from another jurisdiction?

Yes. Applicants may transfer their UBE scores from another jurisdiction in which they have already passed the exam. The fee for doing this is $1,150.

What is the Minnesota Reciprocity Agreement like?

Attorneys who actively practice law in any other state can apply for admission to the Minnesota Bar on motion provided they are able to show evidence of having engaged in the practice of law for at least 1,000 hours per year in three of the last five years.

How can I contact the Minnesota State Bar?

The Minnesota State Board of Law Examiners can be reached during business hours by phone at (612) 333-1183. They can also be contacted by email at helpdesk@mnbar.org or by mail addressed to:

Minnesota State Bar – Minneapolis Office
Third Floor City Center
600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 380
Minneapolis, MN 55402

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