Virginia Bar Exam Information

The Virginia Bar Exam takes place over the course of two days twice a year, once in February and once in July. The exam consists of two sections pertaining to federal and Virginia specific law. In order to qualify for the exam, applicants must complete an undergraduate college degree, pass the LSAT exam, and complete a law school program. Virginia does not currently allow MBE scores to transfer from another jurisdiction.

Exam Dates:Feb 21-22, 2023 & July 25-26 2023
Exam Type:2-day Multi-State Bar Exam
Location:Roanoke, VA
Application Fee:$575
On-Motion Application Fee:$2,500
Filing Deadline:December 15th, 2022 for February 2021 and May 11th, 2023 for July
Late Filing Deadline:N/A
Late Fee:N/A

When is the 2023 Virginia Bar Exam?

The Virginia State Bar Exam will be administered on February 21st and July 22nd, 2023. The following bar exam will be held July 25th and 26th, 2023. Keep updated by going to the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners website.

In order to register for the Feb 2023 bar exam, applicants must submit their application by no later than December 15th, 2022. Applicants applying for the July 2023 exam must submit their applications by no later than May 11th, 2023. There are no late filing deadlines accepted.

Where is the Virginia Bar Exam Located?

The February 2023 Virginia State Bar Exam will take place at Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center 2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway Fredericksburg, VA. 22401.

How much does the Virginia Bar Exam cost?

The application for the exam is $575. Applicants must also complete a Character and Fitness Questionnaire for $575. Application without examination requires a fee of $2,500.

There are no late filing deadlines, which means no late fees will be applicable.

What subjects are tested on the Virginia Bar Exam?

The subjects tested on the Virginia Bar Exam are as follows:

  • Agency
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Business Organizations
  • Creditor’s Rights
  • Criminal Law
  • Domestic Relations
  • Equity
  • Evidence
  • Federal Practice and Procedure
  • Local Government Law
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Real and Personal Property
  • Sales
  • Taxation
  • Torts
  • Trusts
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • Virginia Civil and Criminal Procedure (including appellate practice)
  • Wills and Estate Administration

What is the format of the Virginia Exam like?

The Virginia State Bar Exam is administered over two days, twice a year. On day one, applicants complete 9 essay questions plus 10 short answer questions with an emphasis on Virginia law. The second day consists of the Multistate Bar Exam, which is a 200 question multiple choice exam.

What is the minimum MPRE score needed to take the Virginia Bar Exam?

Applicants are required to have received an 85 or higher on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.

How is the Virginia Bar Exam Graded?

The MBE score (weighted 40%) and the essay score (weighted 60%) are combined to determine if the applicant has achieved a passing score.

When are the Virginia Bar Exam scores released?

The Virginia State Bar Exam results are generally released in late April for the February exam, and late October for the July exam.

Can I transfer my MBE scores from another jurisdiction?

No, Virginia does not currently accept MBE scores from another jurisdiction.

What is the Virginia Reciprocity Agreement like?

Any person who has been admitted to practice law before the court may file an application to be admitted to practice law in the jurisdiction without examination.

How can I contact the Virginia State Bar?

The Virginia State Bar can be contacted at:
Virginia Board of Bar Examiners
2201 West Broad Street
Suite 101
Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: (804) 367-0312

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